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Paris Journal

So much forgetten already

So much forgotten

So much to forget

Once the idea of purity

born, all was lost


The Black Musician

in a house up the hill

Nigger in the woodpile

Skeleton in the closet

Sorry. Didn't mean you.

An old man, someone's



& sees us still in the room

of off-key piano & bad


him off to work

&new wife arriving

(The candle-forests of


beggar nuns w/ moving

smiles, small velvet sacks

& cataleptic eyes

straying to the gaudy

Mosaic calendar


I write like this

to seize you

give me your love, your

tire eyes, sad for


A small & undiscover'd

park -- we ramble

And the posters scream

safe revolt

& the tired walls barely

fall, graffiti into

dry cement sand

an overfed vacuum


I remember freeways

Summer, beside you

Ocean -- brother

Storms passing

electric fires in the night

"rain, night, misery --

the back-ends of wagons"

Shake it! Wanda,

fat stranded swamp


We still need you

Shake your roly-poly

Thighs inside that

Southern tent

So what.

It was really wild

She started nude & put

on her clothes.

An old & cheap hotel

w/ bums in the lobby

genteel bums of satisfied


Across the street, a

famous pool-hall

where the actors meet

former ace -- home of

beat musicians

beat poets & beat


in the Zen tradition

from China to the


in 4 easy lifetimes

Weeping, he left his pad

on orders from police

& furnishings hauled

away, all records &

momentos, & reporters

calculating tears &

curses for the press:

"I hope the Chinese junkies

get you"

& they will

for the poppy

rules the world

That handsome gentle


Sweet Billy!

Do you remember

the snake

your lover

tender in the tumbled


sand & cactus

I do.

And I remember

Stars in the shotgun


eating pussy

til the mind runs


Is it rolling, God

in the Persian Night?

"There's a palace

in the canyon

where you & I

were born

Now I'm a lonely Man

Let me back into

the Garden

Blue Shadows

of the Canyon

I met you

& now you're gone

& now my dream is gone

Let me back into your Garden

A man searching

for lost Paradise

Can seem a fool

to those who never

sought the other world

Where friends do lie & drift

Insanely in

Their own private gardens"

The cunt bloomed

& the paper walls


A monster arrived

in the mirror

To mock the room

& its fool


Give me songs

to sing

& emerald dreams

to dream

& I'll give you love



underwater, it was

immediately strange

& familiar

the black boy's

from the boat, fins & mask,

Nostrils bled liquid

crystal blood

as they rose to surface

Rose & moved strong

in their wet world

Below was a Kingdom

Empire of still sand

& yes, party-colored


-- they are the last

to leave

The gay sea

I eat you

avoiding your wordy


& spit out pearls

The little girl gave

little cries of surprise

as the club struck

her sides

I was there

By the fire in the


I saw them charge

& heard the indian


felt the adrenalin

of flight-fear

the exhilaration of terror

sloshed drunk in

the flashy battle blood

Naked we come

& bruised we go

nude pastry

for the slow soft worms


This is my poem

for you

Great flowing funky flower'd beast

Great perfumed wreck of hell

Great good disease

& summer plague

Great god-damned shit-ass

Mother-fucking freak

You lie, you cheat,

you steal, you kill

you drink the Southern

Madness swill

of greed

you die utterly & alone

Mud up to your braces

Someone new in your


& who would that be?

You know

You know more

than you let on

Much more than you betray

Great slimy angel-whore

you've been good to me

You really have

been swell to me

Tell them you came & saw

& look'd into my eyes

& saw the shadow

of the guard receding

Thoughts in time

& out of season

The Hitchhiker stood

by the side of the road

& levelled his thumb

in the calm calculus

of reason


Paris Journal / Doors

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