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All deserters will be shot

at 5 o'clock tomorrow morning

so get yourselves together

and quit messing around

No more nonsense!

The assassination occurred at 3.30

No one was there to witness it

Even the breviaries had left their tapestries on the window

And we were all silenced

by the sad mildew cloud

that followed around

I wish I was back in the land of the...

of the...

Aaahm uhm...

You can't pin that one on me

I didn't do a goddamn thing

I was just standing there

Then a bunch of guys came up

and started laying all this shit on me

Now what am I supposed to do?

I'm an American! You can't touch me!

Did you know all nuns are 42?

And their eyes are blue?

Did you know all table clothes

are white in France?

Did you know women wear underpants?

Well, they do!

How does a musician imitate

the sound of underpants sliding

over a woman's thighs,

down over her ankles,

and over her little toes?

And the rings on her toes?

And her unquipped toe nails?

Lightning struck the magic purse

I didn't do a damn thing, man!

I was just standing there

in front of the 'Delicatessen'

and all these rabbies ran up

and a bunch of Indians and freaks

and monsters and f.... just started ...

mhmh... talking in all these weird languages...

What aah ... what ... could I say?

Hey, I'm tired of being a freaky musician

I wanna be Napoleon!

Let's have some more wars around here!

What a stinking, shitty little war we have running over there

Let's get a big one!

A real big one!

With a lotta killings and bombs and blood!



Good old-fashioned rule days...



Good old-fashioned rule days.


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