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 Doors Doorsрок - группа

Curses Invocation

Curses, Invocations

Weird bate-headed mongrels

I keep expecting one of you to rise

Large buxom obese queen

Garden hogs and cunt veterans

Quaint cabbage saints

Shit hoarders and individualists

Drag strip officials

Tight lipped losers and

Lustful fuck salesman

My militant dandies

All strange orders of monsters

Hot on the tail of the woodvine

We welcome you to our procession

Here come the Comedians

look at them smile

Watch them dance an Indian mile

Look at them gesture

How aplomb

So to gesture everyone

Words dissemble

Words be quick

Words resemble walking sticks

Plant them they will grow

Watch them waver so

I'll always be a word man

Better then a bird man


Curses Invocation / Doors

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