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Return To Imrryr

Yrkoon the traitor sits on the throne

Elric is back now

to show how much his hate has grown

His thirst for vegeance

now brings no name his cousin must ruin

covered by shame


Elric the White Wolf and his black sword

this diabolic couple has no rivals on th world

Stormbringer is called his infernal blade

powers unknown in hellish flames made

Dragon with the black sword!Elric!

His powerful ships to Imrryr now sail

(with) the lords of the sea

he's sure he will prevail

From his voyage returns

the bearer of the Sword

protected by Arioch and his infernal horde

"Cymoril beloved, I'll set you free

Yrkoon must die no dawns he will see"

The dragon's empire a 10000 years reign

Collapses like the towers stones fall like rain!

Return To Imrryr /

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