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One Eyed God

[T:] The lost eye for wisdom reads the runes

on which our fiery people writes his doom

[O:] Devotion proudly sails in the lake of blood

Drunk by the ground of the young and the old

[T:] Your allseeing eye is hight for men and gods

For whom wait the age of dark Ragnarok

[O:] But so many enemies will taste the hammer

Of the viking hearts fiery banner


In battle my fate I'll show

it's a rite long time known

For I am your son

the wind brings my song

and you are of ravens the Lord

One Eyed God Ravenlord

Death, mist and cold plague the Niflhel

Naglfar the ship, made of nails of the dead

Sails silent and relentless, straight to that hell

There who didn't die in battle suffering will dwell

But to Asgard and Valhalla our fate is led

Because out immotrality won't serve its queen Hel

But in the higher Asgard we will kindly stand

and with strength and glory

One Eyed God /

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