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Heathen Assault (Burn Jorvik To The Ground!)

[King Aella:] "Take a look to the sea, my son

Be aware of the sails the waves are carryong on.

Take a look to the earth, my son

The whole of England is awaiting for the terror from the north."

[Ragnar Lodbrok:] "Take a look to the sky, Halvdane

We shall fill the air with spears to turn black this christian sun."

"Sku mod himlen Halvdane, vi vil fylde luften med spyd sa

Denne kristne sol blivert sort"

"Take a look to these shores, my son

For tomorrow everyone will fear the name of Lodbroksson"

"Se mod denne kyst, min son. FOr i morgen vil alle frygte navnet Lodbroksson"

Burn! England to the ground!

Burn! Jorvik to the ground!

Heathen assault!

I saw two crows up high

Odin watch me die.

Heathen Assault (Burn Jorvik To The Ground!) /

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