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You Are Made That Way

Who are you

Where you been

How'd you come into my life

I just know once you get started

Girl, I been throwin' my heart in

You're just like walkin' in a danger zone

A chance I just had to take

You're like a drink I needed so bad and found

If no one pulled my head back in time, I would drown

Oh, I get lost in your eyes

I crossed the line for you so long ago

Now I find truth in your lies

You got me cornered with my back to the wall

Takes all I've got just to hold on

Through all the disappointment

Love still remains

Darling, you're made that way

Girl, you're made that way

";You were just a lonely man

Living through your empty plans";

I know you're made that way

I know you're made that way

Say it please

Say you will

Come back and be in my life

Girl, if you just put your heart in it

No one could stop us once we get started

Well, I get tired of living for your applause

And putting my happiness in your hands

Well, I don't know what you're expecting of me

What you want for me to be, I will be

I know you're made that way

I know you're made that way

Doobie brothers

You Are Made That Way / Doobie brothers

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