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Dark Eyed Cajun Woman

I think back to the time

When I first saw your face

You were walkin' across the delta

To your cold and lonely place

You know, I took you for a small girl

Really not quite seventeen

Oh, Lord, but I was wrong, oh so wrong

You're like a woman I've never seen

Dark eyed Cajun woman

Where are you comin' from

Your soul is in the back woods

They say you never had a home

But I'm gonna know you better

If it takes all night and day

Dark eyed Cajun woman

You'll never get away, no, no

Now the evenin' is blowin'

I hear your voice most everywhere

Your cold, black eyes

They are dancin' in the starlight

Warmin' the cold night air

It's so beautiful, you know I have to say

Dark eyed Cajun woman

You'll never get away

Doobie brothers

Dark Eyed Cajun Woman / Doobie brothers

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