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Be Yourself

Performed by the Donuts

(Hema Stulberg, Col Reid, Rory Mitchell, Gil Beck, John Bidochka)

and the Sugar Daddies (Dave Calam, Mike Ens, "Doogie")

Written by Col Reid, John Bidochka, Gil Beck

(c) 1991 Coffee Music


The institution don't like me

They don't even know my name

All they do is look at my clothes

And they know I'm not the same

But that's alright

It's alright with me

They don't understand I have the right to be free

CHORUS: Be yourself

Be yourself, everybody

Be yourself, just be who you are

Be yourself

Be yourself, everyone

Be yourself, don't let them push you too far

The conformists try to put you down

They try to curb your ways

They's rather run the corner gun

Now I know to fear the game

And that's alright

It's alright with me

Because there's enough of us to fight to be free

(horns - The Sugar Daddies)

(guitar solo - Gil)


Some people don't realize

The danger in their trends

It only brings on prejudice

And it's hard to meet new friends

And that's no good

It's no good at all

It took so long for us to rise, don't let this be our fall




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