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Not Alone

Take a step back from your life, take a moment to think more deeply.

Does everything seem just alright? What is it that makes you happy?

This song is about how you could, look back on your life and feel good.

Bring back the faces and memories.

And when it all seems wrong, I want you to turn on this song and look out your window.

Remember the good times you had, and those out there you love.

Everything seems better.


You're not alone, we're better off together.

You'll always have to know that you're not..

All alone, lonely through the bad times, it seems like I have grown.

Now take a look back at your life, to see how things have worked out.

How can you make it seem right? What will it take to find out?

My friends are all here next to me, focus your eyes and you'll see.

Bring back the faces and memories.

And when you think you can't, get up and take a stand.

Fight for me like I know you can.

You've been here all along, its the reason that I wrote this song.

You make my life better.


And all those times I was a clown, you brought me up when I fell down.

And all that I've become I pull my life to everyone but me.

You're not alone [x3]

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