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We Got More

featuring The Luniz

Verse 1 *(Shock G)*

Mammy, zammy, damn there's nothin to me

but when they rock us in the streets we say "Ooo-we"

you see the freak in the beat, she do me

I hit that mitty-bitty wit the sticky ooo-we gooy

I got more funk in my left in my left pinky toe

I got more soul in my style

then they will ever know

I got more rhythm than I'll ever need to show

we got them groceries bro

yo Luniz let go.

Verse 2 *(Numskull)*

I got the flow so let the Luni man take over

get deep into my hold

if ya lost, then picture gold

I heard styles that others stole

but it's no original flow

like the Luniz an the man wit the nose.

Verse 3 *(Yukmouth)*

Notice my flows kick like a loaded Mac-11

ghetto heavy, could climb wit mo "Good Times" than James Devin

glock wars

meanin you critize Tupac for

homies in the hood, we strap Rugers an "We Got More".

Chorus *(Shock G)*

Didn't ya know

our brothas got more

so check the new flow

cuz here we go-e-o-we-oh.

Look how we throw

a lil sumpthin to roll to

hold you, from the O-we-O-we-O.

Verse 4 *(Shock G)*

I got that Voodoo runnin through my veins

We Got More /

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