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 Донован ДонованПевец, поэт, гитарист, композитор

The Seller Of Stars

I wish I could find a queer street,

The crooked queer street that goes

East of the sun and West of the moon

And out where no wind blows.

Then I'd find the shop where the seller of stars

Sits and hammers behind the bars.

Stars he gives for the asking,

Starlight swords for the bold.

Moon he sells for a penny or two

Rounded and bright with gold.

And broken silver of the sea he sells

And the rain spears and the wind bells.

Wings he weaves for the fairies,

Gold of the sun you can buy

And silver flowers of frost and dew,

Rainbows out of the sky.

And delicate morning mist he sells

And pretty new songs for whispering shells.

Oh, if I could find that dear street,

The darling wee street with his house.

I would buy a blackbird's whistle for you

And for Johnny a talking mouse

And a mermaid's tail to swim in the sea

And dragon-fly wings for my Mummy and me!

I wish I could find the wee street,

That wanders up and down,

That is East of the sun and West of the moon

And very near twilight town,

Where the seller of stars for a penny or two

Will sell your heart's desire to you


The Seller Of Stars / Донован

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