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 Донован ДонованПевец, поэт, гитарист, композитор

The Light

I Died ... and I sighed

As the chains of the flesh left me

As the moans and the groans

Of the friend sent me

On my way to the Land of the Dead

I flashed ... that my soul was Unharmed

As my earth form I shed

That the image of death had been

A thought in my head

And the truth was a spirit am I

I sussed ... that my life had been a lesson

Chosed by me

For to purify my Soul that I may be

Worthy to shine forth the Light

the Light

the Light

As I moved ever up-ward

A Great Light there came

More feeling than seeing

And it filled me with Shame

Like a Bright Shining mirror reflecting my being

My present condition of Soul I was seeing

I Beheld ... Forms of Great Beauty

That shone forth the Light

With love vibes they met me

A cast off my fright

Those great souls of Ages long passed

I praised the Great Souls of the Ages

Who care for our needs

Who lovingly nurture

Wisdom's bright seed

Showing the way to the Light

the Light

the Light

I ached ... for the womb and the Earth

And another time around

Seking circumstances

The best that can be found

To give me the lessons to learn

I was Born ... and thru childhood

My soul still rembembered the Light

And thru teens I fought fiercely

For my vision of the Light

When I saw Mum and Dad had forgot

The Light, The Light, The Light


The Light / Донован

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