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 Донован ДонованПевец, поэт, гитарист, композитор

Tangerine Eyes

Please darling Tangerine Eyes sing a song for me,

One that I can hear all the day.

Oh and please darling Tangerine Eyes kiss my hand at dawn

By the bright and yellow corn of your hair.

Like a picture of the golden sunset you can make it real,

You know just how I feel all the time.

So please darling Tangerine Eyes whisper to the wind

We'll leave the rain behind and walk away.

We walk along the lonesome shoreline listening to the sea,

Talking to you and me about the sky

And we know even as we walk that way before the dawn

Our footsteps will be gone far away.

The seagulls ride the winds for you, can't you hear them cry,

Can't you hear them sigh out your name?

Oh please darling Tangerine Eyes sing a song for me

One that I can hear

So I feel alright

In the big start studded night of my dreams


Tangerine Eyes / Донован

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