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 Донован ДонованПевец, поэт, гитарист, композитор


Enter She, with her scent of violetta

Yesterday gown, granny hand-me-down chiffon

Fragile She with her beaded bag of treasures

Pale and pretty by the palm tree on the lawn

Enter Me, 'do you wanna 'ave a drink love?'

'Yeah' She say, 'perrier', with a twist of lime'

Sexy She with her see-through soft intentions

She for one was out to have a sober time

She is my lover

Our kisses of passion

Leave lips bruised and burning

Bodies so close we lie as one

We stepped into a room Oriental

Where a Victrola played ole Pable

Sad and distant like a melancholy maiden

>From a movie in monochrome long ago


She let fall her dragon shawl from her shoulder

Dancing slowly to the sombre melody

I reclining on a chaiselongue, silken tassled

Quite enchanted by her delicate beauty



She / Донован

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