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 Донован ДонованПевец, поэт, гитарист, композитор

I Like You

You're such a good friend

I'd hate to have you as an enemy

>From the first time we met

I knew you were the one to set me free


I like you you liked me I

Liked you you like me

Holding my heart in the palm of your hand

Headed our west for the Indian lands

Dreams of the golden boy tangling your mind

Burning your body to fill in the time

Sad city sister

On avenue of palm

I knew naively

That I was your man

I followed after

With heavy heart of lead

Just like a man who

Walks yet is dead

I asked you to dance

And you wondered and you thought you might so we went and took a chance

On the cat walk in the cold star light

I held you

You felt me

I touched you

You kissed me


I Like You / Донован

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