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cheap talk, i?ve senn through you

your faked interests ive senn e?m too

silly conversations, superficial matters

puzzled thoughts where?s the pattern

your subjects are far too casual

and to touch my core they?re too ususal

pretending to be my friend

but if my life was at stake, you wouldn?t

be at hand...

?cause you just use me to get the better seat

and you don?t pay no mind anything that i bleed

and now you want me to believe in the lies you tel

but believe me, boy, i know your game so very well

it?s just the gentle way of saying fuck you

through all the time i?ve throught

that friendship wasn?t only a word

but your cheap tricks they?re proved me wrong

and i didn?t need your comments now,

so please hold your tongue

and don?t come crawling to me to talk about

"good weather" when the clouds are hanging

deeper than ever . i?ve heard it all before

and how i?m through with you

so stop acting as if you were true blue


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