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turn off that computer

for a while and feel and

hear what i?ve got to

say, your life and our

lives are much more

than a file on a disk

can?t calculate that way

there?is no need to hide

behind that wall, to

keep your feelings inside

at all, to convert your

life into boring numbers

hey-ho! wake up from your slumbers

(while you sleep) i have my fun

(while you sleep) i feel and enjoy

(while you sllep) i see the sun

(while you slepp) i?m playing

with my toys

don?t need any artificial

maturity when everybody

knows that there?s a child

inside of me,i dont want

to be drecocious, don?t

want to grow up,i want

to live my emotions!

(if you don?t get the point then

a)perhaps you?re too old and too

cold to

b)perhaps you don?t understand

the english language



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