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When Love Cries

Baby you

turned my world into something new

nights are long when you're far away

hunger for you every night and day

whisper softly to the wind

need you back in my arms again

passion calls from deep inside

it only happens when my love cries


you make my heart sing...(x6)

when love cries...love cries...love cries

And when I am blue

close my eyes and dream of you

silent ehoes scream out your name

you're the keeper of my flame

I'll survive on desire

'til I'm closer to your burning fire

ride a star across the sky

I need you here when my love cries

(Chorus x 2)

ooh baby

to be near you...

just to feel you...

Baby baby

baby baby

you do it to me...do it to me

baby baby

baby baby

you do it to me...


In my heart

I never felt it quite like this before

and if I let it slip

I might no hear it anymore

I look into your eyes...ooh

and I get a chill

I hear your name

my world comes to a stand-still

The keeper of your flame

I wanna be

two hearts together

'til eternity

hand in hand

side by side

stride by stride

we'll be the one who hear

when love cries

(Chorus repeats

Донна Саммер

When Love Cries / Донна Саммер

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