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When I Look Up

When I Look Up

Look outside see all the pain

And the tears just fall like rain

I don't understand why has man looked away

Look inside and all I see

Is a hole inside of me

I need to renew, to walk with you

Look to you

When I look up, then I see your light

When I look up, I don't look left, I don't look right

When I look up, then all my darkness turns to light

When I look up, I look up, I look to Christ who fills my cup

When I look up, look around from shore to shore

And it's clear we need the Lord

A touch from his hand, then this land could be healed

Looking back the story's told how He moved

In the days of old, He freed men from sin

Every time they looked to Him

in Christ I see my liberty

Донна Саммер

When I Look Up / Донна Саммер

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