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Донна Саммер Донна СаммерАмериканская певица - королева диско

Sweet Romance

Father dear, don't you hear me

I'm alone and I can't sleep for crying

Father dear, if you hear me

I've been held closely by a stranger


Sweet romance

the moment that my eyes first saw


in a glance

I knew right right form the start that I

adored him

Sweet romance

I may never see that man again help

me find him

Listen, if you find him

won't you tell him just how much I

love him

Father, I've only got you

please won't you make him love me



Father, can you hear me

you're the only one I can turn to

my life's been so empty

and he could fill the emptiness

around me


Донна Саммер

Sweet Romance / Донна Саммер

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