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I Love You

Well he searched and searched for nights and days

Till he found the one he loved

And he wrapped her in his arms again

And he thanked the stars above

Then he found who he'd been looking for

And he stared into her eyes

He said "I love you"

Yes I do

He said "I love you"

She stared him right back in the eyes

With a look of disbelief

Then she gazed off into somewhere else

Was it real or just a dream

And she pulled him oh so close to her

And she whispered in his ear

She said "I love you"

Yes I do

She said "I love you too"

So together they will always be

Until the stars fall from the sky

So if you find someone you love you must never let them go

Hold them tight with all your might

And say three little words

You say "I love you"

You say "I love you

Донна Саммер

I Love You / Донна Саммер

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