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Донна Саммер Донна СаммерАмериканская певица - королева диско

Get Ethnic


Lying in the sun just trying to get a tan

trying to find a look to go with the plan

Everybody's different

everybody's got their thing

spinman give me a rhythm...swing, swing

You don't have to dance alone

just get on the floor and make yourself at home

do anything you want to do

it's alright...it's up to you

(Ethnic chorus):

It doesn't matter what skin you're in

c'mon baby let the groove begin

get ethnic...all day

get ethnic...all night

'gonna chill and ride the day out

people let me tell you what it's all about

get ethnic...all day

get ethnic...all night long


Walk my way

talk my way

This is a new direction

we're gonna take it to the street

spinman throw down a funky beat...

Ooh sweet

don't really care where you come from

you may move to a different drum

jump right in and take your place

we're all part of the human race

(Ethnic chorus)

Like your mama do

and your daddy too

it's an attitude

(Ethnic chorus x 2)

Everybody's different

and we all have a song to sing

spinman do your rhythm thing...swing...swing

spinman do your rhythm thing...swing

(Ethnic chorus)

C'mon c'mon baby

smooth me out

smooth me out

(Chant fade

Донна Саммер

Get Ethnic / Донна Саммер

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