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Friends Unknown

I'm writing you this song

'Cause I've always wanted to let you know

That no matter where you go

My love is with you

Long after the curtain falls

It's you I hear

Breaking down the walls

To let me know you're there

So sincerely

You've stood beside me

All through the years

Together we have grown

My friends unknown

Down on your knees you pray... for me

Deep in my heart you'll stay


You can turn my gray skies blue

There's just no me without you

For all the love you've shown

My friends unknown

This road may be long and winding

But no matter where it takes me to

I will always find my way

Back to you

And you should know that no matter

where you go

I'm always there for you

I say a prayer for you

And I love you


And if we never, never ever meet again

You'll always know where I stand

I'll never be alone

My friends unknown

For all the love you've shown...

I wanna thank you

My friends unknown

Донна Саммер

Friends Unknown / Донна Саммер

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