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Plea For A Piece

Now I'm not saying we're unhappy

Being classified as simply a punk-ska band

And sure you think these groups are crappy

That this many screaming teenage girls is out of hand

That's right I'm talkin' 'bout the boys bands

And I'm confessing, we're jealous of what they have it's true

I mean no disrespect to our fans

Rather I'm pleading to make our pop-star dreams come true

Please grant us boy band status

Put our posters on your wall

Please grant us boy bands status

We just want to be loved that's all

For me it started with the new kids

They were my favorite I still know the words

to Hangin' Tough

Though all my friends thought they were stupid

I was smitten I truly thought they had the right stuff

Then boys to men came out of Philly

They sang so soulfully I'd never before wanted

so much to be black

Though retrospectively it seems silly

That's when i decided to point my life down

the boy band track.

Now I don't know what to think about N'Sync

And I don't get all this noise, 'bout the Backstreet Boys

No i don't dig what they do but i think we could do it too

So i'm begging you I'm down on my knees

Oh please

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