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Oops My Bad

I'm sorry I told you those pants made your ass look fat

oops my bad

I'm sorry I tried to borrow condoms from your dad

oops my bad

I called you by your best freind's name

when you and I were fooling around and around

Then I went and made out with that same best friend

the weekend you left town

Oops my bad

It's all my, it's all my fault

I never should have let those little things ruin what we had

Oops my bad

I'm sorry I made out with you younger sister

Oops my bad

I swear I thought it was you when I kissed her

you look so similar

Oops my bad

Now seems a good a time as any for apologies

I'm sorry I never told you about my STDs

I've got herpes, so do you now

And your best friend, and your sister

And your mom and I suppose even you dad

Oops my bad

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