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Na Na Na

Can you hear me?

Can you hear the words I'm saying to you?

Can you feel the way I feel the way you do?

Could it possibly be true?

Would you know it

If you heard the words I wrote you this song

Maybe you would even like to sing along

Would you know what's going on?

Why should I bother writing words

If they're never even heard by the girl they're meant for?

And the words that I sing just won't mean anything

They could mean so much more

Na na na na na

I can't just tell you

So I put it in a song that you won't hear

The words are vague and my feelings left unclear

I can't explain this fear

I'll try to tell you

I'll try to make you hear the words I'm saying

But it's so hard when the music is playing

So loud, the words don't come out

And I'm still singing my song

Hoping that you'll listen long enough

To hear that it's for you

And even if you don't hear

That I'll always be there

It doesn't mean that it's not true

That's why I sing this song to you

Na Na Na /

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