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Left Behind

It seems your life is changing

Constantly rearranging

And nothing stays quite the same

Remember how things used to be

Were you so different than me

Now I've got nothing to say

You're not the first you're not the last

Who's been stranded in the past

Don't look up don't look back

Caught up on the narrow track

And everything is fine

You're no more friend of mine

It seems so natural

That you'd be left behind

Don't know what you're looking for

Don't know just what you might find

This time I had to go

And you've been left behind

Can't say where you went wrong

Can't say what happened to your mind

It seems I used to have a friend

Could this be where it's gonna end

Take a look now can't you see

How different you've become from me

And what will we say?

Fuck you I'm going away

Left Behind /

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