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Fucked Up For You

You're not here so I'll have another beer

I'm all alone sipping on a fifth of Bacardi Limon

I'm gonna get over you I know I will but I don't know how

It'll go a lot quicker with a whole lot of liquor

I'm fucked up now

You never cared as much as I did

And now I'm dropping acid

You've gone away so I'll smoke a fat ass J

Of some bobonic chronic that made me choke

Shit this ain't no joke I had to back up off of it

And set my cup down

Tanguray and chronic yeah I'm fucked up now

I'm fucked up for you

I'm getting fucked up for you

I can't think of anything that I would rather do

Than getting fucked up for you

You used to be my girlfriend now I'm shooting up on heroin

You're never ever coming back and I am hooked on smack

And I'll be passed out on the bathroom floor

cause you're not with me anymore

Just for you I'm getting fucked up now

Fucked Up For You /

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