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East Coast Girl

She says soda and i say pop

I'm all about cheese and she's definitely not

She's salt water taffy and herbal tea

And i'm beef jerky and black coffee

But that's ok

I hit it off anyway with my east coast girl woa-oh

she rocks my world, yea-ah

I think surfing would make me sore

But i wanna build sandcastles on the Jersey shore

With my east coast girl

She drinks woodchuck and i drink beer

She hunts for sandcrabs and i hunt deer

She's never even been under arrest

And i'm a criminal from the mid-west

But that's alright

I still love to talk all night

With my east coast girl

It's her slight accent that i adore

And things are much clearer now than they were before

And she's so much more PC than me

She thinks that euchre's wack

Won't you go visit DC with me

Or would you rather play blackjack

I've never even been to new york city

I don't know why

Oh please let me be your midwest guy

East Coast Girl /

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