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Yesterday I saw you sitting alone

In the corner of my favorite coffee shop

I wanted to touch your hair you face your everything else

I think I like you a lot

I wanted to learn your name your sign

are you someone else's girlfriend

Do you think you could be mine

you're so fine

And I'll say it again and again

It's happening again

Today I talked to you for the first time I even held your hand

I'm planning out our futures together

When you're gonna be my woman and I'm your man

You've got a nice ass a nice rack yeah baby

I've known it from the start

I wanted to get inside your mind your soul your pants

Inside your heart

It's happening again

Tomorrow you left me broken hearted

I thought that I had found my niche

Why did you have to screw me over?

Why did you have to be such a bitch?

If I saw you today I'd tell you

You're stupid you're ugly and you're overweight

You picked the wrong kid to mess with baby

Now it's much too late It's way too fucking late

It's happening again

But then I see you standing there again

Reminds of the time back when I first met you

And the way we were before

But then I think about it once again

And all I can think about is when you broke my heart

you stupid good-for-nothing whore

Now I see you for the girl you've always been

And I can't hear you when you say

that we should stay good friends

As far as I'm concerned this is where you end

Again /

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