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This Luv

[verse 1]

Do you mind if i take this seat right here

Cause you sittin alone

If you sippin on cris, girl i'm buyin

I know you got a nigga

Don't lie

Ain't got to front for me

I'll give you these digits that you can call

Or hit me on my cell if i'm not home


Are you down with swinging up with me

Or could you be

Blinded by all this ice you see

I'm willing to

Give you all this love i got

No relationship involved

Keep it strictly physical

All this love


All this love

Waiting just for you

So don't pass it up

Cause you'll regret it too

And i'll be patiently waiting

To hear from you

And girl you gonna be the one

Girl you gonna be the one,yea yea yea

[verse 2]

See i don't mind

Makin house calls

If you wanna go toe to toe

Girl whatever you down for i'm tryin

You won't have to be here for long

That's how it's got to be

I understand you nigga that lives at home

But i wanna be that cat that makes you warm


[chorus until fade]

This Luv /

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