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A Letter Ill Never SendA Letter Ill Never SendA Letter Ill

Dear Sweetheart,

[ VERSE 1 ]

How you're doin? Fine, I hope.. well, I'm not okay

I wanna tell you how I miss you day after day

How I pray that you come back, back in my life

So I can keep my promise that you'll be my wife

One more chance is all I'm askin, it won't be like before

Your emotions going up and down like a see-saw

As I sit and write this letter it's a rainy night

I can't help but think about how that made us alright

When it was storming we would listen to the quiet storm

With the red light on, you're so tender and warm

Then you'd kiss me with a passion that no girl can match

I'd kiss you the same way, and our bodies would latch

In ecstacy, all my dreams became reality

To myself I say: God, she is so pretty

Your whispers are gentle when you whisper my name

When you whispered that you're comin always made me came

You're more than a lover, you're my best friend

Here's a letter to you, girl, that I'll never send

[ VERSE 2 ]

Romantic dinners, the late nights at the beach

You would call me your plum, and you was my peach

We would walk in the sand, holdin hands

Everything came natural without no plans

Valentine is comin up: Would you be my Valentine?

Don't let me get addicted to this Nighttrain wine

I know I took you for granted, played with you like a toy

When you gave me your love that brought you so much joy

I'm only human, baby, please forgive my mistakes

Thought my heart was stone, that it could never break

Now it's broken into pieces beyond repair

I can't love another girl, cause I have no spare

Here I am in my room, listening to Sade

With my friends I try to front like it's all

A Letter Ill Never SendA Letter Ill Never SendA Letter Ill /

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