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Дональд Фэйджин Дональд ФэйджинАмериканский музыкант, один из основателей группы “Steely Dan”

Teahouse On The Tracks

Out on the fringe

Where the shallows meet the scratchlands

Out where hope and the highway ends

You can park or cruise

Both ways you lose

This is Flytown now my friend

You take a walk on Bleak Street

Tonight could be the night you crash

Then you turn and stop

Start to fingerpop

You think you hear a wailin' combo

You climb a flight of twisted stairs

Some cat says buddy


If you've got eyes

To rhythmatize

Bring your flat hat and your ax

'Cause tonight at ten

We'll be workin' again

At the Teahouse on the Tracks

The Siegel Bros. were slammin' out a baion

So slick it should have been a crime

Irene and Flocko and little Amy Khan

Lead off the big front line

The crowd was bouncin' in sync with the pulse

You get a case of party feet

(Then the room turns bright

And fills up with light)

And then from somewhere deep inside you

Some frozen stuff begins to crack

Better hurry


Take the T-Line to Bleak and Divine

Just above the Good Time Flats

It's your last chance

To learn how to dance

At the Teahouse on the Tracks

On Sunday morning

You're back at the wheel

You're feelng calm and crisp and strong


If it feels right

Just drive for the light

That's the groovessential facts

Someday we'll all meet at the end of the street

At the Teahouse on the Tracks

Дональд Фэйджин

Teahouse On The Tracks / Дональд Фэйджин

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