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I Dont Like You Anymore

Something strange goin' on

I feel a change comin' on

In my chest I feel unrest

Way down deep, baby

You need to hear me when I say

When you're near me it's not the same

As it used to be wuth you and me

A secret I can't keep

Chorus :

'Cause now I'm feeling something new

Something deep, something true

Don't misunderstand me when I say

I don't like you anymore

I can't ignore that now it's love, that now it's love

Now it's love I'm feeling for ya

Now I see I was blind

How could I be so unkind

When you were the one yhe only one

Who loved me so, yeah

What I'm feelin' now for you

Is something different,something new

And now I find I think it's time

To let you know


I don't like you anymore

Not like the way I did before

I don't like you anymore

[Chorus] x 2

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