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When she was just a girl she became a woman of the world

Soon there wasn't room enough for her

in between the bosoms of her family

She popped the cork, got on the Greyhound to New York

small-talked her way round just the sort

of playboys' playground she'd once dreamed about

Maybe I love her but I'm jealous of her

She's a woman of the world

She's a fake sure but she's a real fake

On the make making up for lost time

Just you wait hey give the girl a break

And a fifty dollar bill will see to that

That ain't enough to feed the cat

Serve up the rats and super rats

Well they just get fatter while she fades away

Maybe I love her 'cause I'm jealous of her

She's a woman of the world

Maybe I hate her 'cause I didn't create her

It's human nature girl

Maybe I'll suffer just to be her lover

just to be part of her world

Maybe I need her cause I want to be her

baby can I be your girl?

Maybe I'll kill her just trying to thrill her

if she don't kill me first

We're making eye-contact

Oh those hypnotic eyes attract such philanthropic flies

That's that, you cannot stop it so why the devil do you try?

Divine Comedy

Bath / Divine Comedy

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