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I cannot reconcile myself to this - I wish I could!I cannot live the =

life I ought to live - I know I should!I cannot bring myself to =

pray,Except to wish these words awayThey echo round my headBut soon they =

will escapeAcross the bleak landscape

There is a tree that grows out of this earthIt stands aloneThere is a =

wind that shaped it from its birthBy whom the seed was sownI cannot =

bring myself to singIt is a wild, untethered thingThat echoes round my =

headBut soon it will escapeAcross the bleak landscape

I cannot bring myself to... speakExcept to wish myself asleepEvery word =

unutteredOnly serves to clutter up my headWhen I go to bedI dream =

thatSoon I will escapeAcross the bleak landscape

And soon we shall escapeAcross our very own bleak landscape

Divine Comedy

Charge / Divine Comedy

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