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Hey there's evil there sail away
Say you don't love me, you'll burn
You can refuse, but you'll lose, it's by me
Say you don't love me, you'll learn
Nothin' you do will be new, 'cause I'm through, alright yea be hell

Say I'm a liar, you knew
You were a fool, but that's cool, it's alright
Say I'm the Devil, it's true
Some can't accept but I crept inside you

So if a stranger sees you
Don't look in his eye 'cause he's voodoo, yea alright
Somewhere there's evil there - just round the corner - oh ooh

Sailor hide in the shadow you'll burn
Your fortune is free, I can see it's no good
Never back, never turn oh
It's a question of time 'till your mine and you learn

If a stranger calls you
Don't let him whisper his name 'cause he's voodoo, oh!

Uar - yeah - oh no - oh - alright
Evil lurks in your mind
It hides in the soul alright
If you're sailing on a lonely ocean
If you're out on an empty sea
If you're looking for bit of sunshine
Don't follow me I got voodoo

If you're out on a lonely highway
If you travel on alone at night
Don't come to me for comfort
I'm alright yeah
I got voodoo
You got voodoo
We give you voodoo voodoo yeah
Alright voodoo
Come on - yes

Give me your children, they'll burn
Never back, never turn
Cry me a river, you learn
Voodoo! Voodoo! Voodoo! Oh - alright never run in the shadow yeah

In everybody's mind there's a little voodoo
Hidden there in your heart there's got to be a little voodoo ah
Evil's in the mind of the beholder we all got some voodoo
Yea alright hey
Thank you.
We'ld like to do something for you from the very very first Black Sabbath album.
First we'ld like you to say hello to Tony Iommi.
We're gonna leave Ton out here on his own for a sec to play the intro to this song.
We said the very first album, the album was called Black Sabbath,
and the song oddly enough is also entitled BLACK SABBATH.

Black Sabbath

VOODOO / Black Sabbath

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