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Infidel Zombie

(phillips, lee, kaballero, ainsworth)

Well i've been running for a while

And i know that i'm next in line

She's been gettin trigger happy

And i've heard so far that she's killed 9

Well it's a complicated tale

With a price on my head

And a sharp looking agent who

Wants to find me certified dead

She's an infidel zombie

She gets depressed with duress

A love that cannot find me

Let me tell you

I don't believe it

There's a bullet with my name on it now

They caught me once while i was out messin around

They put me in cemented wedges but i didn't drown

I'm back on the streets and running for my life again

But i know they'll tear it down and they're gonna start

To close in



Infidel Zombie / Dickies

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