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Fan Mail

(phillips, huffsteter, kaballero)

Dear sirs,

To whom this may concern

There's facts id like to learn

So many things i wanna know

Especially trivial info paraphernalia badges and regalia

Please send me everything

Cuz i

Am interested in you

And every thing you do

I find myself at all your shows

Could you tell me where you buy your clothes

Could you sign my little sisters face

Put your signature any place and please send me a bio

Cuz we've got fan mail

We really really read it

Fan mail

We really really need it

I sent you my letter now i want a reply

You don't know any better than you won't take your time with my

Fan mail

So i would like to know just if and when

You'll be in town again

So that i could meet with you

And brag at my friends at school

Have you been all around the world

Have you seen every kind of girl

Or are you from the other side

Cause you

You can't believe everything that you read

With the hypocrysy and the greed

The papers all the things that they say

They don't tell me anything anyway

That's why i've gotta get it straight from you

Concerning your situation

Without an obligation


My fan mail(oohs and aahs)

What's this i find to my surprise

Those fans that i idolized

No longer seem to exist

Now tell what can be the cause of this

Perhaps it could be their egos

I tell you heaven only knows

I didn't even get a newsletter

Fan mail send it out to me

Fan mail special delivery


Fan Mail / Dickies

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