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Johnny's been runnin' hard all his life

'Cause life never treated him right

Well he ain't running now

You see his eyes are closed

They can't hurt him tonight

Sleepin', he's sleepin'

Just let him be for a while

Don't wake him, don't take him

To where the people don't smile

Sleepin', my man is sleepin' nice now

Please let him stay here with me

I promise, I'll keep him

At home, where he's supposed to be

He's been out there

In the streets you know

And strugglin', scufflin'

Trying to survive

Out there in a richman's world

And now you say my Johnny is not alive

But you're wrong, can't you see

Sleepin', he's just sleepin' mister

He doesn't rest very much

He lives hard and he gives hard

And I'll just die for his touch

Sleepin', he's sleepin'

Without a care to his name

He's peaceful

He's quiet

He's tired of runnin' his game

He's been out there

In the streets you know

With all the pain and all the suffering

Out there

Where you fight like hell

He never learned a fix don't fix a thing

Don't touch him

Johnny put too much in his vanes

And now you're trying to tell me he's gone

I don't believe you

I'm just gonna sit here

And rock him in my arms

Sleepin', he's sleepin'

He doesn't rest very much

You see he lives hard and gives hard

Дайана Росс

Sleepin / Дайана Росс

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