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Дайана Росс Дайана Росспевица


Girls, they are so lovely

Oh Girls, girls, oh, please love me

Girls run around in your head

'Till you wish you had boys instead

Girls, they are such fragile stuff

That you just can't get enough

Oh girls, girls

They are impossible

Girls, girls, girls, girls, girls

Do I have girls?

Let me tell you about some girls

I have three girls

Rhonda, Tracee and Chudney

I have girls in my bathroom

Girls in my closet

Girls wearing my shoes, my lipstick, my perfume

Sleeping with my husband

What was that?

They say your life changes when you have kids

Bring it way down, Gill

You know your life doesn't change

It ends

Дайана Росс

Girls / Дайана Росс

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