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Ive Changed My Address

An invitation came my way

Knowing it's dangerous to follow

That girl in her Sunday suit

Would have forbidden it

But since those days

I've changed my address

I sit alone and drink it in

Practicing blowing up smoke rings

I learned of the sadness

The beauty and bitterness

But since those days

I've changed everything

And sometimes they would light it up

I ran my hands down silent keys

For secrets like these

And ever since

They turn up on my fingerprints

I'm driving back across the bridge

Red light is hitting the rear view

And he'll wonder whether

Blonde hair cascades on black leather

Since then I've changed my address

Accessory after the fact

I walked back in where I started

The bar plays the sports news

To drown out the old ghosts that I knew

Oh well, I've changed my address

And as I departed

I only took what I needed

I guess I've changed my address

Дайана Кролл

Ive Changed My Address / Дайана Кролл

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