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Дайана Кролл Дайана КроллПевица и пианистка одна из самых известных джазовых звезд мира

Black Crow

There's a crow flying

Dark and ragged

Tree to tree

He's black as the highway that's leading me

Now he's diving down

To pick up on something shiny

I feel like that black crow


In a blue sky

I took a ferry to the highway

Then I drove to a pontoon plane

I took a plane to a taxi

And a taxi to a train

I've been traveling so long

How am I ever going to know my home

When I see it again

I'm like a black crow flying

In a blue, blue sky

In search of love and music

My whole life has been



Diving, diving, diving, diving.

Diving down to pick up on every shiny thing

Just like that black crow flying

In a blue sky

I looked at the morning

After being up all night

I looked at my haggard face in the bathroom light

I looked out the window

And I saw that ragged soul take flight

I saw a back crow flying

In a blue sky

Oh I'm like a black crow flying

In a blue sky

Дайана Кролл

Black Crow / Дайана Кролл

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