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Дайана Кролл Дайана КроллПевица и пианистка одна из самых известных джазовых звезд мира

Abandoned Masquerade

The glitter on a paint and plaster face

Is covering desire and disgrace

We could be lovers

But no one suspects at all

Once you're inside that costume ball

And now I'm sitting here before the mirror

I have the skill still to disguise my tears

Then as the magic starts to fade

I find myself abandoning the masquerade

Even though you're suffering

You try to hide it

And pretend you're so nonchalant

You can cry a pool of tears

And sit beside it

Then perhaps you'll know what you want

I hope you never feel this much despair

Or know the meaning of that empty chair

As the illusions that we made all fall away

In this abandoned masquerade

Дайана Кролл

Abandoned Masquerade / Дайана Кролл

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