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Дайана Кролл Дайана КроллПевица и пианистка одна из самых известных джазовых звезд мира

Devil May Care

No cares for me

I'm happy as I can be

I learn to love and to live

Devil may care

No cares and woes

Whatever comes later goes

That's how I'll take and I'll give

Devil may care

When the day is through, I suffer no regrets

I know that he who frets, loses the night

For only a fool, thinks he can hold back the dawn

He was wise to never tries to revise what's past and gone

Live love today, love come tomorrow or May

Don't even stop for a sigh, it doesn't help if you cry

That's how I live and I'll die

Devil may care

Дайана Кролл

Devil May Care / Дайана Кролл

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