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Secret Hell

hey i know there's more to this...

but i bought you a newspaper every sunday

at the end just a huge pile of yellowed

sunday telegraphs on the windowpane

we sang three blind mice together:

"three blind mice, three blind mice

running across the farmer's house.."

you know well

just never tell

if someone's got a secret hell

now you

you should be breakin' me

sometimes i lose my head

i don't know nothing

you should be breaking me

instead you let me hide behind your back

what goes around

will come back down

can someone get it out of town

i'm in this state

kinda late

but tell me, don't it look just great?


you should be haunting me

some drift get twisted before i even touch 'em

you should be scaring me

but don't i only scare myself?

so don't i only scare myself? (x5


Secret Hell / Deus

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