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 Defecation Defecationрок-группа


Powers in numbers some people say

Have people behind you and do it your way

Give people something they want to believe

But is this right, it is truth or deceit?

Mass communication

Will spread your word

Go speak your mind

You will be heard

Some are determinated to rule the world

Some are looking to make some bucks

Playing it off as if their superior

And no one gives, gives a fuck

Preach to the weak-hearted

Bring out their love

Tell them what they want to hear

As you stand above

Preach to the weak-minded

Bring out their hate

Sovereignty will over rule

And soon you'll meet your fate

So many people you can delude

Those who fucked it up were crude

Too much money or too much power

As we watched their shit go sour

Too much money too or much power

As we watched their shit to sour


Predominance / Defecation

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