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The Sauce

feat. Philly Black

Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah

Hold that, hold that, hold that

Yo all that, all that tryin'

Y'all, I told y'all about tryin'

Tryin' is later on man

Can we try something for the ladies

Can we try something for the ladies

Can we do that De La

Let's get that goin' on man

Told y'all about those messages and shit man

We get to that later man, know what I mean

Let's just do something for the ladies man

Let's get a chorus goin' on or something

Let's pop a chorus off, ya know what I mean

Let's do that right now, let's get that goin' on

Let's try that out

I see you real niggas do fake things sometimes

One of them is grabbin' on his mic to rhymes

So let us demonstrate the right way ya need to place

Yo, it's De La up in ya face

Better yet ya whole scene, here to pull in the green

With Philly Black

Just layin' back, raisin' my stacks

Cause how they want it I give it to em' rock or the raw

Yo it really don't matter son, some hot shit for y'all

To go cop at the store, I spit, kick at ya jaw

Leave you on the floor on all fours, you slaw

We burn fast in black flag lands

Bringin' herds and caravans

And heat rock rythms, you blink one, two times

In between I do mines

Showboat refs, I put y'all niggas on deck

Yeah son y'all faggots are soft

I been through, carried the torch

Recognized and done married a dwarf

So in-laws pay a writer's fee

My stizzy sets a wiz bitch's eye in me

Pissy in a rizzy

Indian wife I flip em' behind reachin' for sobriety

Blew north, never find me

Reside in this state of mind

Keep my temple developmental

Projects, front-

De La Soul

The Sauce / De La Soul

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