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Baby Fat

Fat fat, uh

Nothin Wrong with Big Drwals

Fat fat


It's a sure bet

When I stare into your dark browns I get

Overwhelmed, overjoyed, overstep

My bounds, on your touchy subject

Your weight, shape's not what I date

It's you, my crew don't mind it thick (Uh-uh)

Every woman ain't a video chick (Nah)

Or runway model anorexic

I love what I can hold and grab on

So if you burn it off then keep the flab on

We gonna stay gettin our collab on (Oww)

Girl we gonna stay gettin our collab on (Ooh, ooh)

We gonna stay gettin our collab on

[Chorus: Devin the Dude]

Don't stuck on the things they say, now you know it's a nasty world( ohh, it's a nasty world)

Tryna get witcha anyway cuz I know your a nasty girl(i'ma Nasty girl)

We's never gon' discriminate so lemme compliment your size(complement my size)

Oooh-ooh oooh-ooh oooooohhhh..

Yeah it's nothin but a litte baby, fat fat [5x]


Claim you outta shape, you not outta place (Uh-uh)

You keep it natural with no powdered face

Without exercise you got the eye

Starin you down, make me Wonder Why

You women wanna frown at them stick figures

On them little ass girls, when a clique of niggaz

Run up and try to hurl game for real

Your frame holds appeal in the everyday

World in conceal is not the way

To go, I'm tellin you I had to let

Ya know, ya need to let it all hang


Don't be scared to show a little of that thang-thang

No matter how you wear it girl it's femine

Kinda body everybody wanna know (Yea yea)

Be the private dancer in my Luke show (C'mon girl)

Skip the salad girl, bring us both a menu

Eat the whole box of chocolates I send you (Heh

De La Soul

Baby Fat / De La Soul

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